Sunlighten mPulse Infrared Sauna

Near, Mid and Far Infrared Technology


Sunlighten Story:

Dedicated to offering the most effective wellness solutions available, our patented Solocarbon® heating technology is the foundation for our saunas.  It is the only far infrared heater on the market clinically shown to raise core temperaturelower blood pressure and aid in weight loss. 

We have taken our patented heaters to the next level with Solocarbon Full Spectrum.  This dynamic technology is unique in its ability to provide near, mid and far infrared at optimal wavelengths based on 56 clinical studies.  With high power infrared heat across all wavelengths and advanced LED technology delivering true near infrared, Solocarbon Full Spectrum can evolve with changing health needs over time.  


Solocarbon 3-in-1 Infrared

Our Patented Solocarbon 3-in-1 heaters are proven 99% efficient across all 3 wavelengths - near, mid and far. What does this mean? With the optimal infrared output achieved from each wavelength, you will receive the maximum health benefits possible that enable you to reach your health goals, faster! Advanced Near infrared LEDs for cell health and skin rejuvenation. Mid infrared for pain relief and weight loss. Far infrared for detoxification and blood pressure reduction. Get 3x the benefits with 3 therapies in 1!


Clinically Backed

The mPulse Conquer is the world's first and ONLY Full Spectrum infrared sauna offering all 3 wavelengths in one, providing you with the most effective sauna experience.  Through extensive research, we found that different parts of the infrared spectrum are more effective than others at targeting various health benefits with heat therapy. With this in mind, Solocarbons Full Spectrum's proprietary Near, Mid and Far infrared wavelengths and 6 pre-set wellness programs were developed based on over 56 research studies for true health benefits. 


7 Wellness Programs

The mPulse Conquer offers a variety of programs at your fingertips, like having a personal trainer at the push of a button! Each session perfectly blends the Near, Mid and Far infrared wave lengths and produces the benefit you need.  Customize your session for personas sauna experience or choose from one of the pre-set options:  cardio, detoxification, pain relief, relaxation, weight loss and skin health.