Pricing and Membership


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We keep our prices as affordable as possible while drawing on the best teachers available.

Once you commit to the consistent practice of yoga, progress can be seen and felt in every area of your life!




Membership-Unlimited: $99/month 

If you plan to come to class an average of three times per week, the Unlimited Membership is our best deal.   Our most dedicated students have seen the greatest results, ranging from weight loss to increased strength to forming friendships, community and lasting healthy habits.  (3x’s per week breaks down to just $8.25 a class)  Also includes 10% discount on retail and complimentary infrared sauna session.

Membership-Limited: $69/month

If you get to class an average of twice a week then the Limited Membership makes sense. You get to take up to 8 classes a month. You pay drop in prices (or class pack prices if you have one) for anything beyond that. (2x’s per week breaks down to $8.62 per class)   Also includes 5% discount on retail and complimentary infrared sauna session.

Oasis Yoga Spa will automatically deduct your monthly payment from your credit card at no hassle to you. You decide your start date, so there is no need to worry if you have an existing series or will be out of town. If you need to freeze your account due to extended travels, injury or a medical condition just let us know.

For those that desire less of a commitment, we offer class packs and drop-in rates with a six month expiration date.   .


$15        Drop-In
$12        Drop-In (Student/Teacher/Senior)
$65        Class pass, 5 pack
$120      Class pass, 10 pack
$200      Class pass, 20 pack
$50        Class pass, 5 pack (Student/Teacher/Senior)
$125       1 Month Unlimited
$570       6 Month Class Pass
$1,100   12 Month Class Pass
$85        Private session

*All of the class packs are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase

Dive in now and see the Oasis Yoga Spa Schedule