Vinyasa Flow builds on the basics of Vinyasa yoga as introduced in our Beginner Vinyasa Flow. Appropriate for all levels of students looking for a carefully paced, alignment focused class that begins to introduce more challenging poses. Time is reserved for prepping arm balances, inversions, and more advanced back-bending.  The classes include deeper hip opening, using props and drills to build strength and deepen flexibility safely. Appropriate personal modifications continue to be introduced and emphasized.



Gentle Yoga



 Gentle Yoga is a foundational level class that includes some elements of Vinyasa, excluding the Sun Salutations. Appropriate for all levels of students looking for a carefully paced and alignment focused class. Appropriate personal modifications and use of props are introduced and emphasized.

Vinyasa Basics



Vinyasa Basics introduces the basics of Vinyasa for those new to Yoga, or with no experience with Vinyasa. This class will acquaint students with the fundamental poses (asanas), focusing on breathing techniques (pranayama) and alignment principles that build a solid foundation for a flowing Vinyasa yoga practice. We will explore sun salutations as a method of building heat and linking poses. Strength, alignment and endurance develop through appropriate modifications and drills.  No prior yoga experience is required.

Therapeutic Yoga



Therapeutics offers a unique appreciation for an individual's life stage.  With a willingness to meet people where they are at in the present moment.  This class complements our daily lifestyle,  and teaches us the basic benefits of natural,  functional movement.    Lorna is known for her creative movement and sequencing.  Lorna is compassionate, nurturing and light hearted.  Students leave feeling better, restored and more fully connected to life.

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Suspension Training - Strength Training - Core Strength

TRX was developed by soldiers with the need to train while on deployment.  Utilizing 2 adjustable nylon straps, the ground beneath you, and your own bodyweight these core focused exercises will build strength and burn calories rapidy.  Functional movement in dynamic exercises makes TRX a very intelligent way to work your body.  Modifiable to any fitness level, you will build strength at your own pace.  The  TRX straps are so efficient that you can effectively achieve a full-body workout in 35-45 minutes

Slow Flow



Revitalize the body by increasing circulation to the organs and calm the nervous system through breathing exercises. 

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